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Markets & Tasty Tacos Culinary Adventure

3.5 Hours • Visit markets & taste authentic gastronomy!

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Get ready for a Yucatán culinary adventure to explore the Merida markets and taste delicious tacos on this tasty experience!

Explore Merida’s markets in a safe, engaging, and tasty manner. Discover three distinct markets in downtown Merida, as well as the various products they have to offer. We’ll eat like locals on this trip. We’ll be looking for the smallest restaurants serving the most delicious Yucatecan tacos, as well as some Mexican “clasicos,” while exploring the markets for the gorgeous fruit found exclusively in the region. After all of that excitement, we’ll unwind at a Cantina with an exclusive Mezcal cocktail you’ll love.

Learn about the history of Mexican food, as well as some dishes that you’ll want to make at home. Visit a “tortillería” (tortilla shop) to see how corn is cooked to produce those fluffy bits of deliciousness that create your taco. Enjoy some tasty tacos and have fun on this culinary adventure!

PS. Because the majority of the local cuisine is based on pork, we can accommodate any dietary requirements; nevertheless, we would appreciate it if you could notify us in advance.

Meeting point: Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Ateneo de Yucatán MACAY – Fernando García Ponce


  • Explore different markets, meet local people, and eat as a local
  • Eat some authentic Yucatecan tacos, mexican “clasicos”, and delicious fruit of the region
  • Let your local guide teach you about the history of Mexican food and some new recipes
  • Drink a typical Mezcal cocktail at a Cantina
  • Visit an authentic “tortillería” (tortilla shop), and taste some warm freshly made Tortillas


  • 4 Tacos
  • 1 fresh juice
  • 1 Seafood tostada
  • 1 Mezcal cocktail